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Hi Guys,

Udderly Dairy Free is all about Dairy Free Foods  sprinkled with helpful tips to live and eat without dairy products. Honestly, it was not my first choice of foods to eliminate, I mean, who wants to eat without dairy??? However, for some people, roughly about 35% of the population, it is a necessity that they must live with and learn to cope with.

I have suffered from severe acid reflux, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation since I was little.  About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a full dairy allergy; meaning no whey, lactose, or casein allowed in this body anymore. It was a sad day but gradually I learned to live with it.  You know what happened when I finally said goodbye to dairy products? I eliminated every stomach medication I was prescribed, my chronic stomach cramps after food ingestion went away, and all 4 of those illnesses ceased.  If that wasn’t enough, after about 2 months of no dairy at all, I woke up 15 pounds lighter without changing anything else in my routine.

Then, I met the love of my life, who found out he had endocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Layman’s terms, his body does not break down animal fat, and so he also took on the dairy free lifestyle.  Unfortunately,  that was not enough for his diagnosis  and so now we are vegan-ish with a few indulgences.   And although we both saw tremendous differences  with our gut health after switching to a mostly plant based diet; this is a self help site for eliminating dairy so that is what we will stick to.

You will not find rants about why you should eliminate dairy or animal products, we will leave that for the professionals. This blog is simply to show how one could live and eat dairy free, if they so choose.  There will be vegan recipes, and meat lover recipes, and carb lover recipes, and slim down recipes. There will be what to expect during the elimination of dairy articles, and dairy alternative guides. Essentially, everything minus the dairy. I am a lover of food, I do not discriminate. And if you are struggling to give up dairy, for whatever reason, I am here to help be your guide. Do not give up!

** Most of these recipes are not my own.  Photos and recipes will go straight to owner’s blogs. I have provided blogger suggestions with personal recipe changes, modifications for dairy free, and/or substitutions for dietary purposes such as low carb ideas or vegan alternatives.

So, with that, let’s eat … Dairy Free. : )